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5 Tips on How to Create a Hashtag for an Event

The event marketing landscape has changed as promoting events on social media has become a game-changer. Enter the event hashtag. This little pound sign with an accompanying catchy phrase, word, or acronym has carried tremendous weight in determining the success of an event. Hashtags for events, without a doubt, are important elements in promoting events [...]

Graduation Party Planning: 6 Tips to Help You Plan the Best Celebration

School’s almost out for summer, which means your high-schooler is about to finally receive that diploma! This exciting time calls for a celebration. It also means it’s time to bust out your graduation party planning skills, and plan the perfect memento for your soon-to-be graduate.  Planning a graduation celebration for the first time?  Graduation party [...]

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Cheers to the Pints4Pete World Tour 2015 and the ALS Fundraising Events!

Earlier this month, Brad Highland from TapSnap 1114, Pam Berube-Peters from TapSnap 1044, John Dollymore from TapSnap 1116, and Chuck Coughlin from TapSnap 1118 had the honor of participating in the Pints4Pete 2015 World Tour—which involved a multitude of ALS fundraising events hosted by Team Frate Train members at different pubs around the world. The [...]

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TapSnap Teamwork in New Jersey

Here at TapSnap, our franchise is like a team. And like any team, TapSnap thrives on teamwork!  Back in December, we wrote an article about Ben Bender of TapSnap Philly who worked with his nearby franchisees to organize a 6-store event for Mealey's Furniture. Recently, we’ve seen another great instance of franchisee teamwork. Bilynda Molish of [...]

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