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12 Must-Have Props To Make Your Holiday Party Pop {+Printables}

A holiday party wouldn’t be complete without a festive photo booth, but where do you find those quirky props to make your party photos pop? We’ve created some fun (and FREE) printable photo booth props to make it easy for your party guests to get in the festive mood, without breaking your party-planning budget. Here [...]

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5 Ways Hosting A Holiday Party Will Boost Your Business

Prove that your business is about more than just work, work, work by hosting a holiday party that entertains employees and captivates customers. Not only will it show that you can partake in the festive fun, but it can benefit your company in a number of ways on a more long-term basis. Here are 5 [...]

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How To Choose The Best Photo Booth For Your Corporate Event

Hosting a corporate event isn’t just about creating a guest list and ordering food and drinks for guests to savor and sip, it’s also about ensuring that your guests have a good time. On-site photo booths are a popular way to encourage guests to interact and capture party memories, but with so many photo booth [...]

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How to Use FOMO to Drive Attendee Engagement

The fear of missing out, or FOMO, is not a new concept for those working in the event industry. It’s the perfect tool to use to drive ticket sales and boost attendance. According to Eventbrite, 69% of millennials experience FOMO, which is fueled more so now by social media updates and sharing. With that in [...]

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How to Turn a Wallflower Into the Life of the Party at Your Event

A social event can be a stomach-churning affair for shy guests, and bringing introverts out of their shells in a social setting can be challenging for party hosts who are looking to keep the excitement levels high for their guests. A party is only as good as its guests, so making sure your guests are [...]

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