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3 Ways To Capture Out-Of-The-Box Photo Booth Pics

The word 'photo booth' often conjures up images of a box with a curtained door, where people step inside, pose for the camera, and then wait for their tri-photo print to pop out of the machine. The first curtained booth was invented and introduced to the world in 1925 in New York, and since then, photo [...]

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Why You Should Say “I Do” To A Wedding Photo Booth

Gone are the days of placing disposable cameras on the tables of a wedding reception and hoping a few candid moments have been captured by the time the film is developed. Nowadays, photo booths are the trend, and they're not going away anytime soon. There are many reasons why this photo-taking trend is so popular, [...]

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5 Reasons Why Photo Booth Pics Are Better Than Selfies

Everywhere you go you can spot someone snapping a selfie. Whether they're discreetly turning the camera on themselves as they stroll through a party, or prepping a long selfie stick and posing for a group shot, selfies seem to be the photo-snapping pose of choice at social events. But with the convenience of self-snapped portraits comes challenges [...]

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Introducing The New TapSnap Studio!

  To welcome a new year, we wanted to introduce you to a new product! The TapSnap team has been hard at work creating a new photo booth for you, and we're ready to present you with the big reveal. Introducing the newest member of the TapSnap photo booth family: the TapSnap Studio. Digitally-integrated, compact, and cost-effective, this kiosk [...]

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