Photo Booth Rentals Cape Coral

TapSnap is the perfect fit for entertaining event guests in Cape Coral, Florida. From beaches and piers to family living rooms, there are tons of great events happening every day in Cape Coral. Invite TapSnap to your event to take it from the ordinary to the extraordinary with our photo entertainment experience.

TapSnap Phototainment can entertain any event with its open-air design and flexible features. Let a canal, Cape Coral Bridge, SunSplash Water Park, or even a golf course be your natural backdrop for your event photos as TapSnap has gotten rid of the traditional photo booth design. With TapSnap there are no walls, no ceilings, and no limits on your creativity!

Recent Photos

Phototainment in the Waterfront Wonderland

TapSnap uses a professional-quality DSLR camera, a 42” touch screen, and user-friendly software to power the Phototainment Experience. Just snap a photo, customize it on our intuitive and responsive touch screen monitor, and then share it to your social media networks or print it on-site. It’s that easy!
If you’re organizing an event with a marketing goal, TapSnap can help spread your brand awareness or satisfy your sponsors. Every TapSnap photo can be customized with branded borders and pre-placed logos, so that when event guests share their photos to social media, they’re serving as brand awareness agents for you or your sponsor.
TapSnap has no curtains or walls. Its open-air design allows for more flexibility and fun for photo-takers. TapSnap’s sleek, portable design allows it to travel to any event and suit any décor.
For those who want a traditional keepsake of the event, TapSnap’s high quality printer provides 4” x 6” prints in seconds.

What’s Included

At TapSnap we believe in giving you everything you need to make your next event a memorable one. That’s why our ‘standard’ package is far from basic.

  • 42” multi-touch screen
  • Instant social media photo postings and email from your event
  • Unlimited 4”x6” standard and collage prints
  • Your own online photo album
  • Custom email message
  • High-quality DSLR camera
  • Free access to TapSnap’s library of digital props
  • A friendly and helpful TapSnap Phototainment Specialist to oversee your TapSnap experience
  • Logo placement on each photo

Franchise Opportunities Available