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Photo Booth Rentals Edmonton

Welcome to TapSnap Edmonton, the capital city’s leading event entertainment and photo marketing company. In a city known for its festivals, TapSnap is the perfect choice for capturing lasting memories of the city’s endless great events. From Windermere to Pilot Sound, wherever your event takes place, it’s just missing that one key ingredient to take it to the next level. Invite TapSnap Edmonton to elevate your event experience.

TapSnap is so much more than your traditional photo booth rental. The TapSnap experience starts with the traditional appeal of a photo booth, but with no walls or curtains, there’s no limits on your creativity. Event guests can take group photos, let loose, mingle and have fun due to our open-air design, then customize their photos on our giant touch screen display. From there, they can instantly share photos to social media to share their event experience with all of their friends and family. From beginning to end, TapSnap is a complete photo entertainment experience.


1. TAP

Our friendly on-site Event Specialist will be there to set the stage. Once guests are in place, they tap the start button, watch a 3,2,1 countdown, and strike a pose!


Guests choose from a catalogue of design options like props, filters, backgrounds, and animations, and can draw or write message using our touch screen technology. Our digital features make it easy for guests to create personalized photos – in a snap!


With the touch of the screen, guests can share their favorite event pics directly to their social media profiles or via email.


For guests who prefer prints, we offer unlimited 4×6 glossy prints for guests to share or take home as a keepsake. Snapped with a professional DSLR camera, our prints are high quality, perfect for photo albums or wall displays.




I had met Terrie a couple of months back and had seen, firsthand, how fun and interactive TapSnap could be. After a conversation with my soon-to-be wife, and a little convincing on my part, we decided to book it [for our wedding]. It was a great decision!
Robby and Mallory Mayne

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