Photo Booth Rentals Killeen and Temple

Welcome to TapSnap Killeen and Temple, Texas’s foremost photo booth rental company. Between their art scenes and scenic layouts, these neighboring cities are full to bursting with photographic potential. And that’s where TapSnap comes in.

TapSnap combines the classic joy of traditional photo booths with today’s modern, cutting edge. It’s user-friendly, social media suave, and fully customizable for you and your party. You might have already seen TapSnap inside the busy Temple Mall or at the picturesque Stonetree Golf Club. TapSnap’s photo booths encapsulate your long-lasting memories into even longer-lasting photos, and are ideal for parties, fundraisers, storefront openings, weddings, family reunions, and so much more!

Recent Photos

Double the Entertainment Opportunity

As a convenient companion to your Killeen and/or Temple adventure, TapSnap is simple to set-up and use. Divulge your spontaneity and use it at the Hot Summer Sounds outdoor music series or amidst the Texas Early Day Tractor Show.
Create fond memories by making the cities’ cerulean skies your next Facebook cover photo or Twitter profile picture with TapSnap! Our booths are equipped for convenient social media access through Facebook, Twitter, and email. While you’re at it, feel free to print the photos moments after they’re taken.
With Texas’s unforgettable horizon, our open-air design is a must. TapSnap guarantees that you’re able to make the cities’ myriad parks and grand architecture your photos’ canvas.
Stamp your company or family’s legacy onto your photos with a custom logo or background. This can further make your wedding at The Living Room more special or add marketing value to your next trade show at the Frank W. Mayborn Civic and Convention Center.
With the assistance of your Killeen and Temple TapSnap Phototainment Specialist, you can use physical props, digital props, a red carpet, a green screen, and much more to add some POP! to your photos.
Our savvy and chic 42″ touch screen keeps things intuitive and user-friendly for TapSnappers of all ages, and it’s high-quality DSLR camera promises crystal clear photos of your Killeen and Temple experience.

What’s Included

At TapSnap we believe in giving you everything you need to make your next event a memorable one. That’s why our ‘standard’ package is far from basic.

  • 42” multi-touch screen
  • Instant social media photo postings and email from your event
  • Unlimited 4”x6” standard and collage prints
  • Your own online photo album
  • Custom email message
  • High-quality DSLR camera
  • Free access to TapSnap’s library of digital props
  • A friendly and helpful TapSnap Phototainment Specialist to oversee your TapSnap experience
  • Logo placement on each photo

Franchise Opportunities Available