Photo Booth Rentals Peoria

Welcome to TapSnap Peoria, Illinois’s foremost photo booth rental company. Though figuratively hidden in Chicago’s shadow, Peoria is easily one of Illinois’s best kept secrets. With a stunning downtown waterfront area and friendly reputation, this city is a wonderful place to give TapSnap a trial run.

TapSnap specializes in creating, and preserving, once-in-a-lifetime memories. With its enormous capacity to take and share professional-grade photos, TapSnap cranks the traditional photo booth up a notch. You may have already seen TapSnap before a game at the O’Brien Field or tucked inside Weaver Ridge. Dabble in something different by bringing TapSnap to your next wedding, fundraiser, banquet, trade show appearance, bar mitzvah, or store opening.

Recent Photos

Smooth Sailing in “River City”

Set the mood before the party even starts by choosing from TapSnap’s many physical or digital props. Your Peoria TapSnap Phototainment Specialist can provide you with a green screen, red carpet, and so much more.
See familiar sights through a brand new lens: TapSnap! Designed for effortless mobility, you can bring TapSnap to unique events such as the Heart of Illinois Fair or the Steamboat Classic races.
Paint your photographic canvas with the best views Peoria has to offer, including the Luthy Botanical Garden and the Peoria Riverfront. TapSnap’s wall-free design practically demands it.
Spread your brand’s iconography near and far by including your business’s (or family’s) custom logo or background on every TapSnap photo. This feature guarantees success at a Cornerstone Building wedding or Peoria Civic Center trade show.
Drum up the drama by linking your day’s shenanigans to your social media profile. The TapSnap console connects instantly to Facebook, Twitter, and email, and also features unlimited, on-demand printing.
Few advances evoke the technological “cutting edge” quite like the touch screen. Take comfort in knowing that TapSnap features so much more than just a pretty interface.

What’s Included

At TapSnap we believe in giving you everything you need to make your next event a memorable one. That’s why our ‘standard’ package is far from basic.

  • 42” multi-touch screen
  • Instant social media photo postings and email from your event
  • Unlimited 4”x6” standard and collage prints
  • Your own online photo album
  • Custom email message
  • High-quality DSLR camera
  • Free access to TapSnap’s library of digital props
  • A friendly and helpful TapSnap Phototainment Specialist to oversee your TapSnap experience
  • Logo placement on each photo

Franchise Opportunities Available