• Fill in whatever information you can from the information the lead has already provided. You should do this while you’re waiting for them to answer the phone.
  • If event location has been provided check the pricing tier here.
  • If Franchisee Property on contact page is blank, check to see who the closest Franchisee is.
  • Determine if there is a Studio in the area or only TS 42.
Agent: Hello, my name is ________, calling from TapSnap photo booth. How are you today? WAIT FOR ANSWER
Agent: Is this  ________? WAIT FOR ANSWER
Agent: You inquired about booking a photo booth for your holiday party. Do you have a few minutes to talk about your event? WAIT FOR ANSWER
Agent: Perfect. I’ve just got a few questions and then can get you a quote. These questions are just so that I can get you out a quote, so if you’re unsure of anything or want to change anything later it’s no problem.

Select Pricing Tier from Dropdown menu (A/B/C) 

Do you recall how you heard about TapSnap?

Do you know approximately how long your event is?

  • 3 hours or less
    AGENT: For anything 3 hours or less, we’d recommend being there for the entire event
  • 4+ hours
    AGENT: We’d normally recommend being there for at least the entire cocktail portion of a holiday party. Did you know when you’d like us to start and finish?

Enter number of hours. If lead unsure, enter the fewest number of hours and let them know that your quote will include a price for optional additional hours.

Is there a theme for your party, or is it just a holiday theme?

  • Yes
    Agent: Sounds fun! What I would recommend is that we setup a green screen backdrop which allows us to digitally insert a background for each photo that matches your ________ theme. After this call I can send you some examples of similar events that we’ve done. How does that sound?
  • No
    Agent: OK, no problem. What I would recommend is that we setup a green screen backdrop which allows the guests to select a holiday themed background for each photo. After this call I can send you out some photo examples to check out. How does that sound?

Agent: One other option that we include for holiday parties is to imprint your company logo with a holiday message onto each photo as a digital border.

Agent: I should mention too that our prices include unlimited prints and sharing to social media, and by email and text

Confirm back everything that they’ve told you.

Tell them the price options:

  • TS 42 only
    Agent: The photo booth that we’ve got available for your party is our TapSnap 42, which is our flagship photo booth. Giant 42-inch screen, professional quality photos. The price for the TapSnap 42 would be ________. How does that sound?
  • TS 42 or Studio – If both units available, provide price for each system and explain the difference between them
    Agent: You’ve actually got a choice of 2 different photo booths for your event. You may have seen our photo booths on our website.
    Option 1 is our TapSnap 42, which is our flagship photo booth. Giant 42-inch screen, professional quality photos. A little bit more expensive but definitely our most premium experience
    The 2nd option is our TapSnap Studio. This is our smaller photo booth. Same quality photos, but just not quite the same experience without the giant screen.
    The price for the TapSnap 42 would be _____. The price for the Studio would be ______
    What do you think?

  • Price ok
    Agent: Great, what I’ll do as soon as we get off the call is create a formal proposal for your holiday party that I’ll send over by email. As soon as that is accepted I will send over an event contract and payment instructions. Due to the very nature of the holiday season we can’t hold your date more than 48 hours without an accepted proposal. Would that give you enough to sign off on the proposal? WAIT FOR ANSWER
    Thank you very much for considering TapSnap for your holiday party.
    We’re excited to be a part of your event.

    Send proposal. Include links to holiday video and photo, GIF examples with a similar theme or holiday photos.

  • Price not ok
    Agent: Did you have a specific budget in mind? I can see what I can do to put together an amazing TapSnap experience that fits within your budget.
    • If budget provided
      Agent: the holidays are the busiest time of the year for us, but if I can put something together for you that fits your budget are you good to go?
    • If budget not provided
      Agent: We’d love to be a part of your event, but without knowing how far out of your budget we are I am not sure what to suggest.
Agent: No problem. When would be a better time to call back?
  • If time provided:
    Set task in HubSpot to call at appointment time
  • If time not provided:
    Ask them if there’s any information that they’d like sent by email
    Call again in 2 days